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    Home Prices Bound to Rebound," says Leading Developer

    Hi Katie,
    I just saw your article in about how home prices have decreased drastically in April. It's surprising the figure is down so much, but we're optimistic that this trend will be reversing soon, as you state in your article.§May we share some of our recent findings with...
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    May I Send More Info? Re: Remote Onboarding for Int Teams

    Hi Gwen,
    We've been following some of your recent articles at SHRM and enjoyed your coverage of employment and HR related issues, especially your recent piece about changes to employee benefits.§Would you / your audience perhaps be interes...
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    Guest Article Idea: How To Reduce Employee Turnover by 33%

    Hi Diana,
    We have been enjoying your recent coverage of evolving work culture, especially your recent piece on digital health in the workplace. Per your coverage, we had a story idea that might be of interest to your readership.§Would you be interested in connecting to Alex...
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